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More of the Christmas story in Old Georgian (with lexicon)   Leave a comment

One year ago, I shared a document with part of the Christmas story in three Old Georgian versions (Adishi, Pre-Athonite revision, and Giorgi’s version) accompanied by a lexicon and complete verb concordance. Here’s an updated version of the same document, now with Lk 1:26-35 and Lk 2:1-20 and an augmented lexicon. Aside simply from Georgian reading practice, a careful reading alongside the Greek (and Armenian and Syriac) will provide fodder for text critics, but even on the surface, the addition from Lk 1:42 (“blessed are you among women”) in 1:28 P and G is noticeable. Lk 1:32 A has an unusual reading with მადლი (“blessing, grace; power, ability”) in მოსცეს მას უფალმან ღმერთმან მადლი – საყდარი დავითის, მამისა თჳსისაჲ (“the Lord God will give him blessing, the throne of David his father”); I do not yet know if there are parallels elsewhere.

I’ve always found studying synoptic text presentations both instructive and enjoyable. If you do, too, here you are:



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