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Today and tomorrow at HMML there will be a small conference to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the EMML project. Here is the program:

EMML @ 40: The Life and Legacy of the Ethiopian Manuscript Microfilm Library
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, Saint John’s University

Thursday, July 25
Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
EMML: A Brief History and a Look Ahead

Getatchew Haile, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
A Fragment of the Aksumite Period of a Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Claire Bosc-Tiessé and Marie-Laure Derat, Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Towards an Archaeology of Manuscript Libraries around Lalibela (Begwena – Lasta, 12th – 21st cent.): Inventories of Books, History of Texts and Differential Preservation of Manuscripts

Adam C. McCollum, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
A Mass of Texts: The Witness of the EMML Project to Hagiographic Material in Gǝʿǝz

Amsalu Tefera, Addis Ababa University
Gädlä Sarabamon: The Case of the Ethiopic Version

Sophia Dege, Ethio-SPARE, Universität Hamburg
The Aksimaros among EMML Manuscripts

Concluding discussion

Friday, July 26
Curt Niccum, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas
What has Athens to do with Addis Alem? Greek Biblical Scholarship’s Renewed Interest in Ethiopic

Ted Erho, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Demographic Trends in the Manuscript Tradition of Ethiopic Enoch

Concluding discussion

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