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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 10   Leave a comment

ხოლო იგინი ჭამდეს და სუმიდეს და განსცხრებოდეს

They were eating, drinking, and amusing themselves.

Cave of Treasures 54.5. See Ciala Kourcikidzé, La caverne des trésors, version géorgienne, CSCO 526, Scriptores iberici 23 (Louvain, 1993), with FT by J.-P. Mahé in the accompanying CSCO 527, Scr. iber. 24.

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Old Georgian phrases and sentences 6   Leave a comment

ესრეთ იყვნეს მთასა მას სიმართლით და სიწმიდით. და იყო მუნ მშჳდობაჲ და განსუენებაჲ.

Thus were they on the mountain in righteousness and holiness, and there was there peace and rest.

Source: The Cave of Treasures § 7.3. See Ciala Kourcikidzé, ed. La caverne des trésors. Version géorgienne. CSCO 526. Scriptores iberici 23 (Peeters, 1993).

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