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Ilia Abuladze (1901-1968; source)

Julius Aßfalg (1919-2001; source)


Robert P. Blake (source, Robert Lee Wolff, “Robert Pierpont Blake (1886-1950),” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 8 (1954): 3-9+i.)

Marie-Félicité Brosset (1802-1880; source)

E.G. Browne (1862-1926; source)

Gerald M. Browne (???-2004; source)

E.A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934; source)

Enrico Cerulli (1898-1988; source),_j%C3%A9suite_chald%C3%A9en.jpg

Louis Cheikho (1859-1927; source)

Davit Chubinashvili (1814-1891; source)

Carlo Conti Rossini (1872-1949; source)

Walter Ewing Crum (1865-1944; source)

August Dillmann (1823-1894; source)

Heinrich Ewald (1803-1875; source)

Gérard Garitte (1914-1990; source)

H.A.R. Gibb (1895-1971; source)


Ignazio Guidi (1844-1935; B. Maier, Semitic Studies in Victorian Britain, 369)

Margaret Dunlop Gibson (1843-1920; source)


August Haffner (1869-1941; from Franz Hölbin and Wulf Stratova, 300 Jahre Universitas Oenipontana. Die Leopold-Franzens-Universität zu Innsbruck und ihre Studenten [Innsbruck, 1970], after p. 216; thanks to Sophia Dege; two more photos here)

Heinrich Hübschmann (1848-1908; source)

Henri Hyvernat (1858-1941; source)

Korneli Kekelidze (1879-1962; source)

Aleksandr Khakhanov [Xaxanov / Xaxanashvili] (1864/6-1912; source)


Paul Anton de Lagarde (1827-1891; B. Maier, Semitic Studies in Victorian Britain, 366)


Jan Pieter Nicolaas Land (1834-1897; B. Maier, Semitic Studies in Victorian Britain)

Wolf Leslau (1906-2006; source)

Agnes Smith Lewis (1843-1926; source)

The frontispiece to The Library of Enno Littmann, 1875-1958 (Leiden, 1959)

Enno Littmann (source, The Library of Enno Littmann, 1875-1958 [Leiden, 1959])

William F. Macomber (1921-2008; source)

Rudolf Macuch (1919-1993; source)

David Samuel Margoliouth (1858-1940; source)

Nikolay Marr (1865-1934; source)


Antoine Meillet (1866-1936; source)

Theodor Nöldeke (1836-1930; source)

Edward Henry Palmer (1840-1882; source)

Robert Payne Smith (1818-1895; source)

Franz Praetorius (1847-1927; source)


Étienne Quatremère (1782-1857)

Leo Reinisch (1832-1919; source)

Franz Rosenthal (1914-2003; source)


Eduard Schau (1845-1930; B. Maier, Semitic Studies in Victorian Britain)

Antoine Isaac Silvestre de Sacy (1758-1838; source)

Albert Socin (1844-1899; source)

Akaki Shanidze (1887-1987; source)

Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje (1857-1936; source)

Boris Turaev (1868-1920; source)

Edward Ullendorff (1920-2011; source)

Michel van Esbroeck (1934-2003; source),%20Artur.jpg

Arthur Vööbus (1909-1988; source)

Werner Vycichl (1909-1999; source)


William Wright (1830-1889; source)

Georg Zoega (1755-1809; source)

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  2. wow, what a gift! thank you, Adam for putting all those pictures together!

  3. Really interesting to put a face to the names.

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