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Evagrios’ (or Nilos’) work On Masters and Disciples in Arabic   Leave a comment

While browsing through some of the Mardin manuscripts last week I came across a small collection of sayings in Arabic attributed to Evagrios of Pontos (c. 345-399), whose works have a notable tradition in Syriac, Armenian, and Arabic. This collection of sayings, which have an air about them not unlike parts of Pirqe Avot, is a work known as De magistris et discipulis (CPG 6053) and sometimes attributed to Nilos (died c. 430).

CFMM 435, f. 60r

The text is in Church of the Forty Martyrs, Mardin, 435, ff. 60r-61r, which is dated the beginning of February, 2208 AG, 1897 AD, and 1613 Anno martyrum.

CFMM 435, f. 61v

This Mardin manuscript can now be added to the list of two other copies recently pointed out by Paul Géhin:

  • Coptic Museum, Cairo, Theol. 376, which was copied at almost the same time as the Mardin manuscript: 1612 Anno martyrum
  • Šarfeh 381, in Garšūnī, copied in May 1900 AG (= 1589 CE; see Sony’s catalog, p. 142)

The Cairo manuscript, it seems, has “On Masters and Disciples” as the title, as does the one at Šarfeh (Sony, p. 141), while the Mardin copy does not, as can be seen above.

I am hoping shortly to prepare an edition and translation of the Arabic text based on this manuscript, the other two being unavailable to me, and perhaps with some remarks about the translation technique.


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