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We recently took a look at Lk 4:23 in Old Georgian and some other versions. To those texts let’s now add the Persian witness, which includes (at least) three versions: the Gospel text published in the London Polyglot [L] and Abraham Wheeloc(ke)’s edition [W] and the Persian Gospel Harmony [GospHarm] (the so-called Persian Diatessaron, although it is distinct from Tatian and the Arabic Diatessaron). In the Roman representation below, I have included vowels, but it is still closer to a transliteration than a phonetic transcription. The three texts stand far enough apart to be treated differently, with different word order and different vocabulary — e.g. “heal!” is tīmār kun, tan-durust kun, or šifā bi-de — across all three texts.

Lk 4:23 GospHarm (3.2, ed. Messina, p. 192, ll. 15-17)

وگفت ديگر بار اين مثل با من ميگوييد ای پزشك نفس خودرا تيمار كن وهرچه شنيديم در كُفرناحوم كردى اينجا در شهر خود بكن

va-guft dīgar bār: īn maṯal bā man mī-gūyīd: ay bizišk, nafs-i xūd-rā tīmār kun va-harče šinīdīm dar Kufarnāḥūm kardī, īnǧā dar šahr-i xūd bi-kun!

Lk 4:23 W

گفت با ايشان مگر مى گوييد اين مثل كه اى طبى خودرا تندرست كن و هر چه شنيديم كه كردى در كفرناحوم اينجا نيز بكن در شهر خود

guft bā īšān magar mī-gūyīd īn maṯal ke: ay ṭibbī [sic! prob. leg. ṭabīb], xūd-rā tan-durust kun, va-har če šinīdīm ke kardī dar Kafarnāḥūm, īnǧā nīz bi-kun dar šahr-i xūd!

  • ṭibbī medical > physician, or better, read ṭabīb?

Lk 4:23 L

عيسى گفت باز اين مثل مى گوييد اى طبيب خودرا شفا بده وهرچه شنيديم كه در كفرناحوم كردى اينجا در شهر خود بكن

ʿĪsá guft bāz: īn maṯal-rā bā man mī-gūyīd: ay ṭabīb, xūd-rā šifā bi-de, va-harče šinīdīm ke dar Kafarnāḥūm kardī, īnǧā dar šahr-i xūd bi-kun!


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