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The memorable line below is quoted in Sarjveladze & Fähnrich, Altgeorgisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch (Brill, 2005), 1452, s.v. ციდამტკაველი “Affe” (cf. Rayfield, 1570b), from the manuscript A-199 2r, 14-17b (saints’ lives, 12th/13th cent.). The context is not indicated, but in any case the theme is along the lines of the shoulder angel; the English expression “monkey on your back” may also come to mind. In addition to providing an example of the irregular verb სხდომა “to sit”, here with a second-person object marker (O2), we have an anatomical vocabulary item, “shoulder”, and the animal-word ციდამტკაველი, which in later Georgian also occurs, not surprisingly, several times in Sulxan-Saba Orbeliani’s, Kilila da Damana.

კაცო, სიძჳრისა ეშმაკი, ვითარცა ციდამტკაველი გიზის მჴართა ზედა

  • სიძჳრეჲ malice; miserliness
  • ეშმაკი demon, devil
  • ციდამტკაველი monkey
  • გ-ი-ზი-ს pres 3sg O2 სხდომა to sit (irreg.; see Fähnrich, Die georg. Spr., pp. 275-276)
  • მჴარი shoulder

Man! The malicious demon sits there like a monkey on your shoulders!

Mensch, der Teufel des Bösen sitzt dir wie ein Affe auf den Schultern. (S-F)

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