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In the Gǝʕǝz reading in the synaxarion for Yäkkatit 12 is a commemoration of the Archangel Michael, specifically with how he is said to have been involved in the life of Samson, who is here called a giant. For the benefit of those studying Gǝʕǝz, here is the short passage, the text taken from PO 45: 528, 530 (ed. Colin), with some vocabulary and glosses.

 በዛቲ፡ ዕለት፡ ተዝካሩ፡ ለመልአክ፡ ክቡር፡ ሊቀ፡ መላእክት፡ ሚካኤል። እስመ፡ በዛቲ፡ ዕለት፡ ፈነዎ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ሎቱ፡ ስብሐት፡ ለመልአክ፡ ክቡር፡ ሊቀ፡ መላእክት፡ ሚካኤል፡ ኀበ፡ ሶምሶን፡ ረዓይታዊ፡ ወረድኦ፡ እስከ፡ ሞኦሙ፡ ለሰብአ፡ ፍልስጥኤም፡ ሶበ፡ ፈቀዱ፡ ቀቲሎቶ፡ ወወሀቦ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ኃይለ፡ ላዕሌሆሙ፡ ወአጥፍኦሙ። ወቀተለ፡ እምኔሆሙ፡ በአሐቲ፡ ዕለት፡ ፲፻በመንከሰ፡ ዓድግ። ወሶበ፡ ጸምዓ፡ ወቀርበ፡ ለመዊት፡ እስተርአዮ፡ ሎቱ፡ ሚካኤል፡ ሊቀ፡ ምላእክት፡ ወአጽንዖ፡ ወአውሐዘ፡ ሎቱ፡ እግዚአብሔር፡ ማየ፡ እምዓፅመ፡ መንከሰ፡ ዓድግ፡ ወሰትየ፡ ወድኅነ። ወሶበ፡ ተጋብኡ፡ ሕዝበ፡ ፍልስጥኤም፡ ወተመክነዩ፡ ላዕሌሁ፡ ምስለ፡ ብእሲቱ፡ ወአዖርዎ፡ አዕይንቲሁ፡ ወሰድዎ፡ ውስተ፡ ቤተ፡ ጣዖቶሙ፡ ወአስተርአዮ፡ ሚካኤል፡ ወወሀቦ፡ ኃይለ፡ ወቀተሎሙ፡ ለኵሎሙ። ትንብልናሁ፡ የሀሉ፡ ምስሌነ፡ አሜን።

ፈነዎ፡ D to send (+ 3ms)
ሎቱ፡ስብሐት፡ “to whom be glory!”
ረዓይታዊ፡ giant
ረድኦ፡ to help (+ 3ms)
ሞኦሙ፡ to conquer (+ 3mp)
ፈቀዱ፡ to want
ወሀቦ፡ to give (+ 3ms)
አጥፍኦሙ፡ caus. to destroy (+ 3cp)

ቀተለ፡ to kill (we saw the converb above)
መንከሰ፡ዓድግ፡ jawbone of an ass (the second word also spelled with ʔ)

ጸምዓ፡ to thirst (√ṣmʔ, though the last here written as ʕ)
ቀርበ፡ለመዊት፡ “he was near to death”
እስተርአዮ፡ caus.-pass. to appear to (+ 3ms)
አጽንዖ፡ caus. to strengthen (+ 3ms)
አውሐዘ፡ caus. to make s.t. flow
ዓፅመ፡ bone
ሰትየ፡ to drink
ድኅነ፡ to be saved

ተጋብኡ፡ L pass.-refl. to gather together
ተመክነዩ፡ Q pass.-refl. to scheme
አዖርዎ፡ caus. √ʕwr to put out (someone’s eyes) (NB the pronominal suffix matches the suffix of the following word — 3ms, ref. to Samson — and not the following word itself.)
አዕይንቲሁ፡ pl. of ዐይን፡ eye (+ 3ms)
ወሰድዎ፡ to lead, take (+ 3mp)
ቤተ፡ጣዖቶሙ፡ “the temple of their idol”
ትንብልናሁ፡ intercession (+ 3ms)

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  1. And here’s a visual aid, if you like, although there’s no angel!

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