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Among the volumes of the venerable series Patrologia Orientalis (see a list of online volumes here) are synaxarion texts in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian (see update at the bottom), and Gǝʿǝz. The synaxarion — the collection of shorter or longer notices in commemoration of saints for each day of the church calendar — as it appears in different language-traditions offers both language students and students of the saints a host of reading-material: there are mountains of texts for a great many saints common to all the language-traditions, and these texts may be fruitfully compared with each other philologically, literarily, and otherwise, as well as saints particular to each language-tradition. (For further comparison, one might turn to the Byzantine Synaxarium ecclesiae constantinopolitanum, edited by Delehaye.) To make reference easier to these synaxarion texts from PO, all of which are given in the original language and with a French translation, here is a list according to month and PO volume, with links to the appropriate books at, where available. The month names are given according to the appropriate language and preceded by their number; for the correspondences of the months, see here from BHO. For more on eastern Christian hagiography, in addition to the volumes mentioned here, see my tagged bibliography, still in progress, here.

Month PO # Editor Online
1 Mäskäräm 43.3 Colin  
2 Ṭǝqǝmt 44.1 Colin  
3 Ḫǝdār 44.3 Colin  
4 Taḫśaś I 15.5 Grébaut
4 Taḫśaś II 26.1 Grébaut  
5 Ṭǝrr 45.1 Colin  
6 Yäkkatit 45.3 Colin  
7 Mäggabit 46.3 Colin  
8 Miyazya 46.4 Colin  
9 Gǝnbot 47.3 Colin  
10 Säne 1.5 Guidi
11 Ḥamle 7.3 Guidi
12 Näḥase and 13 Pagʷämen 9.4 Guidi et al.
Index, annexes 48.3 Colin  
1 Navasard 5.3 Bayan
2 Hoṛi 6.2 Bayan
3 Sahmi 15.3 Bayan
4 Trē 16.1 Bayan
5 K’ałoc’ 18.1 Bayan
6 Arac’ 19.1 Bayan
7 Mehekan 21.1 Bayan
8 Areg 21.2 Bayan
9 Ahekan 21.3 Bayan
10 Mareri 21.4 Bayan
11 Margac’ 21.5 Bayan
12 Hrotic’ and 13 Awelik’ 21.6 Bayan
1 Tout and 2 Bāba 1.3 Basset
3 Hatūr and 4 Kīhak 3.3 Basset
5 Ṭūba and 6 Amšīr 11.5 Basset
7 Barmahāt, 8 Barmūda, and 9 Bašuns 16.2 Basset
10 Baʾūna, 11 Abīb, and 12 Misrá 17.3 Basset
Additions et corrections; Tables 20.5 Basset   

UPDATE (June 27, 2013): I initially failed to recall Nikolay Marr’s ed. and tr. of an old recension of the Georgian synaxarion: Synaxaire géorgien: Rédaction ancienne de l’union arméno-géorgienne, in PO 19.5, which has texts on Stephen, Peter, and Paul, available here in PDF, and, with the Georgian text only, here from TITUS.

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