A little Darwin in Syriac   3 comments

Recently I wrote a post on translating into ancient languages. Lest any of my dear and faithful readers think me merely a theorist, here is a translation of a famous paragraph from Darwin’s On the Origin of Species Syriac’d, complete with vocalization. Comments on any aspect of the document are welcome!


3 responses to “A little Darwin in Syriac

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  1. Fun and impressive! Every translation decision opens up all kinds of interesting questions, which is why this is so much fun and so valuable I suppose. My tiny contribution: The examples in Payne Smith seem to suggest that ܒܟܠܝܘܡ ܘܒܟܠܫܥ might be more regular for daily and hourly, especially since here Darwin seems to be evoking a sense of continual activity, rather than something that happens each hour or each day. However, I immediately want to look at the use of both expressions across our corpus and try and tease out the nuances. No time now though.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kristian! You’re analysis sounds right. I remember considering that as a possibility, but I don’t remember why I went with another decision. Let me know please, should you have any insight from the corpus.

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