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CFMM 251 is a beautiful copy of a synaxarion (the catalog of saints according to the day they are celebrated in the church) in Arabic. It follows the Greek menologion (text in PG 117) closely (but not exactly) and is almost complete, with only a folio or two missing at the end. Since the end is lacking, there is also no colophon, nor is there any clear indication of date elsewhere in the manuscript. The images below are the first page of the book, which begins with the month of Aylūl (= September), and p. 13, for Sept. 10, on which these saints are named: the sisters Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora; Baripsibba; and Pulcheria.

CFMM 251, p. 1

CFMM 251, p. 13

3 responses to “A fine Arabic synaxarion

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  1. Thank you very much for that post, Adam (as well as for others, of course)!
    The ms seems to be Melkite (Rum Orthodox). What do you think?

  2. Yes, that is most likely. The next manuscript in the series is a 20th century (copied in 1904) abridged synaxarion in Garšūnī that follows the Coptic redaction (published by R. Basset in PO). The scribe of that manuscript tells us that he copied all 400 pages of the book in just 15 days!

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