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For several months now, it has been possible to search HMML’s catalog, Oliver, with a Google-type (or Googley) search, that is, by entering a search term to be found across all fields (title, author, incipit, etc.), but only with Roman script. As of today, however, thanks to Unicode, it is possible to search HMML’s catalog using non-Roman scripts! This means that you can enter a term in Arabic, Armenian, or Syriac (including Garšūnī, of course), and this search will now function across author, title, incipit, and any other field where native script is used. (Thus far, all of the Gǝˤǝz manuscripts in Oliver have been entered with transliteration, but this will soon change.) Naturally, since this is a brand new feature, there may be some bugs: if you find some, please contact me (preferably by email, not as a comment to this post).

Not a bad way to end the year. Happy searching!

Posted December 29, 2011 by adam_bremer-mccollum in Arabic, Armenian, Cataloging, Garshuni, Gǝ`ǝz, Syriac

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