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Church of the Forty Martyrs (Mardin) ms 109, of the 16th century, begins with a Gospel commentary according to the lectionary. The Garšūnī text begins this way (Jn 10:22-25):

Someone less scribally skilled, at least in Arabic, tried a hand at putting part of these first lines into Arabic script, with this result:

This writing is on the recto side of the folio, and the main text in Garšūnī given above is on the verso. The transfer was not exact, there being some words left out, different spellings, and forms, and the hand is hardly an example of fine writing, but its presence here gives us a reminder of the continual interaction between scribe, text, and reader in a manuscript.


2 responses to “Graphic exchange

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  1. I’m enjoying the posts–keep them coming!

  2. Thanks, Kristian. It’s quite fun to share even a modicum of the interesting things I’m finding.

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